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User Agreement






  1. The user shall pay a deposit as indicated on the enclosed sheet upon the signing of this agreement and balance on departure from camp. Dutch Harbour will refund 90% of the deposit if cancellation of the agreement is received at least 90 days prior to beginning of the licence period.  Less than 90 days a cancellation fee of $100.00 will be assessed.  The entire deposit will be forfeited if this agreement is cancelled less than 30 days before the commencement of the lease period.
  1. The user shall pay a damage deposit in the amount of $300.00. This damage deposit will be returned within 30 days if no damager or excessive cleanout is required.
  1. The user shall be entitled to accommodate a maximum of 65 persons at any one time during the lease period.
  1. The user is not entitled to use the Caretakers residence and property.
  1. The user shall be responsible for familiarizing itself with all laws, safety rules and government regulations with regard to summer camp safety and group supervision.
  1. The user shall not allow pets in any sleeping or kitchen facilities or designated swimming areas, and shall clean up after pets and will keep pets under control at all times so as not to cause injury to any person or thing or interfere with or cause nuisance with other users of the camp.
  1. The user will clean the camp facilities and participate in an inspection with a representative of Dutch Harbour Camp prior to departure. All garbage will be separated into the recycle containers that are provided.
  1. The user shall on demand:
    1. Pay the cost of repair for any damage caused to the camp or camp property.
    2. Pay the cost to replace any items missing from the camp during their stay.
    3. Pay the cost of cleaning the camp at the rate of $20.00 per hour.

The user will only be liable for cleanup costs if the camp is left in an unusually messy or dirty condition.

  1. The user must abide the following rules and guidelines:
  • Trees on the camp property are not to be damaged or cut.
  • Only use the firewood provided and light fires in the existing fire pit. All fires must be supervised and extinguished at night and before leaving the camp.
  • Report any damage or problems to the camp caretakers immediately.
  • Furniture and mattresses must NOT be removed from the lodge and cabins.
  • All camp equipment, canoes, life jackets, games must be returned to storage when not used
  • All canoe and paddleboard users must wear life jackets.
  • Camping groups are to provide a designated nurse/first aid person and lifeguard. 911 are operational for fire, police and ambulance. Facility users are required to provide their own first aid supplies.  The nearest ambulance is in Riondel and the nearest hospital is Nelson or Creston.
  • Firearms are not permitted on camp property.
  • Nothing is to be left on the camp property or in the kitchen when leaving.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of the camp buildings, smoking debris must be contained, no butts. Designated smoking area – Fire Pit.
  • All cars must be parked in the designated parking area.
  • Drivers using the camp road must do so in a manner courteous to our neighbours.
  1. Guest Groups are to provide a qualified person(s) to teach and supervise any canoeing activity – both for safety of campers and for the care of the canoes.

The applicant agrees:

  1. To supply qualified counsellors for young people’s camp. Provide a minimum of one counsellor for every cabin.  Dutch Harbour expects that a counsellor will be sleeping in the cabin with the campers.
  2. To give opportunity for the Caretakers to address the group at the beginning of the event.
  3. To conduct all activities consistent with recognized Christian standards.
  4. If information provided to the camp by the renters is not accurate, the event may be cancelled while in progress with no refund.
  5. Dutch Harbour Camp does not permit “High Risk” activities.

We agree to comply faithfully with the above rules or any that may be posted on the grounds.

Except to the extent caused or contributed to by the negligence, acts or omissions of the landlord, the applicant (tenant) covenants with Dutch Harbour Camp (landlord) to indemnify and save harmless the landlord against and from any and all claims, including all claims for personal injury or property damage arising from the conduct of or through any act or omission of the tenant against and from all cost, counsel fees, expenses and liabilities incurred in or about any such claim or any action or proceeding brought thereon, whether such claim arises from the tenant’s activity on or off the campgrounds.

The applicant may not assign this agreement to a third party without consent of Dutch Harbour Camp.

Insurance:  This is the responsibility of the guest group.  Check to be sure you are satisfied with the coverage of your own group`s policy.

This agreement shall be binding when said deposit has been received by Dutch Harbour Camp and when a copy bearing signatures of both parties has been received by the applicant.

____________________________________________                 _________________________________

Signature of Contract Applicant                                        Date

Contract accepted by Dutch Harbour Camp by:

___________________________________________                  _________________________________

Signature:                                                                          Date

The Dutch Harbour Christian Camp Committee greatly values the blessing of having this camp property and we are pleased to be able to share the natural beauty of God`s creation with you.  Our low camping fees and camp availability can only be ensured if all use the camp in a respectful and careful manner.  The camp caretakers are available to ensure that your camp is trouble free and enjoyable.

Please return (1) one signed copy with your deposit to:

Dutch Harbour Christian Camp, P.O. Box 202, Riondel, BC  V0B 2B0

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